Two rescue minibuses for Kherson region rescuers

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Modern vehicles are an additional chance for Ukrainian rescuers to save lives. At the request of the rescuers of the Main Directorate of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine, we are raising money to buy two minibuses for the rescuers of divers and firefighters of Kherson region


The efforts of caring people and cool companies have been combined to provide Kherson rescuers with new vehicles and equipment to carry out their combat missions.

Thanks to the benefactors from Infopulse Ukraine, an operational and staff minibus was delivered to Kherson, which will help to quickly deliver the rescue team and, if necessary, deploy the rescue operation's control.
Philanthropists from Intellias paid for the purchase of the rescue van, and Ukrainians who transferred 150,000 bonuses to our fundraising via the Fora app provided additional equipment, and as a result, Kherson received a mobile rescue diving station.

Together with the Civic Initiative Programme of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and with the support of the Institute of Ukrainian Studies, we purchased and delivered 3 dry suits and computer equipment for underwater work to Kherson divers.

Many thanks to everyone who contributed and helped Kherson and the rescuers! Together we are strong.

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