Ultra marathon of gratitude to Poland

Tomorrow, the largest charity event in support of Ukrainian firefighters, the Ultramarathon of Gratitude, starts in Kyiv. Over 14 days, Volodymyr Skovorodka, a rescuer with the State Emergency Service of Ukraine, will run 800 km and finish on the central square of Warsaw on Independence Day, 24 August. He will run 60 km every day, one and a half marathon distances every day, and so on every day for two weeks.
The Ukrainian Firefighters Foundation is the organiser of this event and we aim to raise at least UAH 2 million during the ultramarathon to purchase special equipment for de-mining water bodies to clear our lakes, rivers and ponds of Russian shells and destroyed military equipment, thus saving hundreds of lives of Ukrainians who may become innocent victims of this war.
For the next 14 days, we will be accompanying our marathoner, telling you about the events, meetings in cities, and people who will join our campaign. We will do our best to achieve the goal. Everyone will be able to join the ultramarathon and support our campaign by choosing a section of the route to run virtually. Details and additional information will be available tomorrow, but for now, please meet our marathon rescuer, who was live this morning.