Promo video of the charity ultramarathon in honour of Rescuer's Day

We are organising another charity ultramarathon!
This weekend, on 17 September, on Rescuer's Day, our extraordinary will run a 100 km course in Kyiv. In 12 hours. In firefighter's combat gear.
We will remind the world of the scale of enemy missile attacks on Kyiv. We will demonstrate the strength and endurance of Ukrainian rescuers. We will honour the memory of the fallen rescuers and civilians who became victims of Russian attacks.
We plan to have Ukrainian showbiz stars join our Ultra Marathon along the route, each of whom will run as much of the course as possible with a rescuer. We do not disclose the details in advance for security reasons. But if on Sunday you see Ukrainian celebrities chasing a firefighter in gear on the street, don't be surprised or nervous, it is most likely that it will be our Ultra Marathon, not some kind of emergency.
You can join the Ultramarathon with your hryvnia, and a charity fundraiser for the needs of rescuers will be held during the race. Your respect and gratitude in the form of donations for the daily work of rescuers and the new record of Ukraine will help meet the need for equipment for Ukrainian rescuers. Traditionally, we will report on every penny raised and spent and show you what we have sent to the rescuers.